About The Campaign

The 2020 election is an inflection point to further build Native peoples’ visibility and political power by ensuring that Native voices are heard. Our communities have untapped power because of our history, our ancestors—we must use it in many ways from the streets to the ballot box. Our collective power is necessary to move our work forward. Our organizations have joined together to provide information, resources, and content to drive voter engagement in Indian Country.

Natives Vote is a collaboration between IllumiNative, Native Organizers Alliance and First Peoples Worldwide.

IllumiNative is a national, Native-led racial and social justice organization. Our mission is to amplify contemporary Native voices, stories and issues to build power for Native peoples to advance justice, equity, and self-determination. Our goal is to transform how Americans and key institutions think about and engage with Native peoples in order to fight systemic racism and achieve transformational change for Native communities and future generations.

Native Organizers Alliance (NOA) is a national Native network dedicated to power building and organizing capacity of tribes, and community groups for transformational policy change. It also provides a forum for tribal leaders, grassroots Native organizers and organizations to work in collaboration with each other and promote their work with non-Native national allies.

First Peoples Worldwide works from a foundation of Indigenous values to achieve a sustainable future for all. Our work empowers by building awareness and education for both Indigenous Peoples and industry groups, engages by convening consensus-driven dialogue between stakeholders, and transforms through alignment with the rights of Indigenous Peoples. A partnership between faculty at the University of Colorado Law School and the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility at Leeds School of Business, First Peoples is housed within the Center for Native American and Indigenous Studies.

This project is supported by the CU Boulder Outreach Awards Committee. Research support funded by NDN Collective